Medical Consultation

Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution provides free medical services and medicines to everyone that walks in for medical consultation, regardless of race, religion or nationality.

We provide TCM internal medicine and acupuncture services. Apart from general consultations, the institution also provides treatments in six special disciplines namely Acupuncture for stroke and pain management, Metabolism, Oncology, Fertility, Kidney Disease, and Pediatrics.

The institution currently employs more than 40 over MOH-registered and qualified physicians to provide free TCM outpatient consultations for the public with the support of dispensary and administrative staff. More than 1600 patients benefit from the institution’s medical services daily.

Pre-requisite for consultation

According to the regulations of Ministry of Health, first time patients who visit our Institution have to bring one of the following documents:

  • I/C
  • Passport
  • Child Birth Cert