TCM Library

When STCMI moved in to the present Thong Chai building in 1976, there was a plan to set up a TCM library. Its objective is to promote TCM and enhance its professionalism, to provide a reference library for our resident physicians, and to facilitate TCM research.

During the initial stage, a donation of $100,000 from the Board of Directors of Ping Yi Secondary School accelerated the setup of TCM Library. The board of STCMI named the library as “Ping Yi School Memorial Hall” to commemorate the generosity and kindness of the school.
In 1978, nine committee members were selected by the STCMI Board to execute the plan. The Chief Librarian of University of Singapore, Mrs Wang-Chen Hsiu Chin, was invited to act as our consultant to provide library management solutions and book cataloguing. The library was then officially opened by Chairman, Datuk Sri Ng Quee Lam, on 19 Aug 1979.

TCM Library Organization
The Library Committee which is formed under the STCMI Board is responsible for the strategy, management and operations of the library. It is led by a Head of the Committee and assisted by a Deputy Head and several committee members. In addition, there is one librarian responsible for the daily operations of the library.

The initial library collection started with 4,546 items, with about 30 periodicals. However, with the concerted efforts, of the various library Committees over the years, new books were constantly added. The current collection totals to more than 20,000 items, with over 90 periodicals. These includes reference books and TCM magazines, covering a wide range of topics such as TCM treatment, medical care, health management, lifestyle, and beauty.

Our collection also contains old books that are no longer in circulation and these are extremely valuable in preserving the traditions and practice of TCM. These books have been passed on from generations to generations, containing valuable TCM knowledge that guides our practice till this day.
Operating Hours

Mon – Fri 8.00am – 12.00pm, 1.00pm – 5.00pm
Sat 8.00am – 12.00pm
Sundays and Public Holidays Closed

Our library is one of the leading resources in TCM research. We welcomes any collaboration with local and overseas libraries to form a network for the sharing of information and collections.
Membership is open to all Singapore citizens and PRs, subject to the following charges:
One-year membership: S$10

Three-year membership: S$20

To apply for membership, please download the application form here, to the institution with a cheque issued to “Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution”.