Acupuncture for Post-Stroke and Pain Management

1) Brief History

The acupuncture for After-Stroke and Pain Management Special Clinic was set up in 1987. There are currently two physicians (Physician How Sek Kwong and Physician Chan Chee Huei) doing research in Stroke Management and two physicians (Physician Tan Choy Tip and Physician Kuah Mei Ru) doing research in Pain Management.

2) Organisation Structure

1 Lead Physician

3 Resident Physicians

3) Panel of Physicians

Lead Physician: Tan Choy Tip (Master degree in TCM (Acupuncture))

Team Members:

How Sek Kwong (Advanced Diploma in TCM)

Chan Chee Huei (Diploma in TCM )

Tan Hui Chin (Double degree in Bachelor of Sciences in Biomedical Sciences & Bachelor of Chinese Medicine)

4) Scope of Treatment:

(i) Post-Stroke patients

(ii) Adhesive Capsulitis of Shoulder

(iii) Lower Back Muscle Sprain

(iv) Osteoarthristis of Knee

5) Treatment Approach

(i) Pre-requisite for treatment

Post-Stroke patients(within 2 years after a stroke)and patients with adhesive Capsulitis of Shoulder, lower back muscle sprain and osteoarthritis of knee.


(ii) Treatment:

Acupuncture is effective in stroke and pain management. It provides pain relief and has little side effect. Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory believes that pain and illness are the result of an obstruction of meridians in the body. Hence the vital energy in the body is disrupted and cannot flow properly. In acupuncture treatment, needling and stimulation of specific points help to establish the smooth flow of Qi through the meridians in the body, promote blood circulation, relieve pain and stimulate the natural healing process in the body.