Kidney Disease

1) Background
The Kidney Disease special clinic was established in 1987. Since then, we have been commited to manage patients with kidney diseases using TCM. As chronic kidney disease is a slow and progressive decline in kidney function, it is often asymptomatic and overlooked during early stages. By the time symptoms appear, the disease has progressed to an advanced stage and treatment will be of high difficulty. If these are not well-controlled and treated in a timely manner, uremia may develop and will require kidney dialysis or transplant.

In Singapore, the trend of chronic kidney disease is exacerbating due to the nation’s aging population and the increasing number of people with diabetes and hypertension. Treatment of kidney disease focuses on managing and treating the underlying primary diseases. Early intervention will help protect renal function and delay disease progression. Under the guidance of TCM theory, this special clinic combines TCM concept of “preventive treatment” with conventional Western medicine to provide a holistic approach in disease management.

2) Scope of Treatment
All renal and urological illnesses, focusing on the following:

  • Kidney disease (including kidney failure or damage caused by various reasons)
  • Chronic nephritis
  • Proteinuria, haematuria, renal edema
  • Adjuvant treatment for hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
  • Urinary stone, urinary tract infection, cystitis
  • Urinary tumours (bladder cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer)
  • Lupus erythematosus, lupus nephropathy

    3) Treatment

    (a) Pre-requisite for treatment
    New patients are to bring the following for consultation:

  • Full medical report
  • Laboratory and test reports: blood/urine tests (up to 3 months), X-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI, biopsy reports etc.
  • List of western medicine that are currently being taken
  • Other previous medical history and related information such as hospitalization report, surgery report etc.
  • (b) Treatment method

  • Treatment using pure TCM herbs in conjunction with diet and lifestyle adjustments.
  • Treatment of kidney disease focuses on the management and treatment of underlying primary diseases.
  • For patients with chronic renal failure, every effort will help to protect renal function and delay disease progression.
  • For patients undergoing hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, complementary treatment aims to improve quality of life, reduce frequency of dialysis and prevent complications.