Following the successful Thong Chai’s 152nd Anniversary Charity Dinner in November 2019, a dinner was held at the auditorium of Thong Chai Building on 30th December 2019 to thank the directors and staff for their hard work and dedication.

It was a privilege to once again have Minister of State (MOS) Mr Sam Tan Chin Siong as the event’s Guest of Honor. Other attendees include STCMI Medical Advisor Professor Yu Rencun, STCMI Legal Advisor Ms Jennifer Lim Lay Choo, Mr Tan Tiow Siong from the Chinese Calligraphy Society of Singapore, as well as STCMI directors and all staff.

The evening kicked off at 7pm with an ensemble performance by International Musicians Association Singapore. Afterwards, MOS Sam Tan delivered a heartfelt speech, recounting his decade-long relationship with Thong Chai which developed because of his friendship with Chairman Mr Lim Guan Lee. MOS Sam Tan then wrote four Chinese characters “tong zhou gong ji” (meaning: cross a river on the same boat) in calligraphy on the spot and presented the inscription to Thong Chai to encourage the management and staff of STCMI to stay united in serving the community.

After a speech by STCMI Honorary Secretary Mr Low Theng Whee, 21 STCMI physicians received their Certificate of Professional Title from MOS Sam Tan and Honorary Secretary Mr Low. The certificates were presented in recognition of the physicians’ clinical competency, experience and contribution to Thong Chai over the years. Later, Honorary Secretary Low also presented a 10-Year Long Service Award to Administrative Manager, Ms Angeline Lin Qinqin.

For the rest of the evening, the guests relished sumptuous dishes while being treated to a series of song and guzheng performances. The event climaxed when MOS Sam Tan and the directors went onstage for the wine-toasting ceremony. Together, MOS Sam Tan, directors, staff and all guests expressed their best wishes for Singapore and Thong Chai. The finale performance was from a group of young physicians who put up their most enthusiastic rendition of a Chinese xinyao song and this ended the event on a high note.

Arrival of GOH Mr Sam Tan Chin Siong, Minister of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Social and Family Development

Speech by MOS Sam Tan


MOS Sam Tan writes “tong zhou gong ji” in Chinese calligraphy

Address by STCMI Honorary Secretary Mr Low Theng Whee

Solo Vocal Performance by Ms Zhang Mengjia

Guzheng (Chinese Zither) performance

Presentation of certificates to Attending & Senior Attending Physicians

Presentation of Long Service Award

Wine-toasting ceremony led by MOS Sam Tan

Enthusiastic rendition of “xi shui chang liu” by team of young STCMI physicians