The 117th Board of Directors held its election of office bearers on 27 April 2018. This was followed by the inauguration ceremony of the board on 19 May 2018, officiated by the MP of Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, Mr Alex Yam Ziming. Thirty directors were sworn in during the ceremony (including 6 physicians). Of these, two of the directors were honorary directors rejoining the board, while nine others are newly elected directors, bringing in new blood for the board of the institution. About 100 guests were invited to the inauguration ceremony, including representatives from clan associations, TCM organizations, Health Sciences Authority, our institution’s life honorary chairman, honorary chairmen, legal consultants, honorary directors, resident physicians and staff. The guest of honor, Mr Alex Yam, arrived punctually at 6pm and was ushered to take group photos with the boards of directors of STCMI and Thong Chai Institute of Medical Research just outside Thong Chai Building. Thereafter, escorted by board chairman, vice chairmen and honorary secretary, Mr Yam was shown to his seat at the front of the hall. After the directors were led to recite their pledge by the chairman, each of them signed in the pledge book in the presence of Mr Yam. The ceremony was concluded smoothly and Mr Yam was shown his way to the reading room on the fourth floor while other guests made their way to the third floor conference hall where the dinner reception would be held. When all the guests were seated, Mr Yam made his entrance to a round of warm applause. In his speech, chairman of the board, Mr Lim Guan Lee, thanked the 116th board for successfully leading the institution through the 150th anniversary celebrations. He also shared the major characteristics of the 117th board with the guests:
  1. The new board will be a younger, more professional, unified and driven entity.
  2. The new board will be focused on the upgrading members’ expertise, including critical thinking skills, professional medical knowledge and administrative applications.
  3. The new board will be managing the Thong Chai Foundation, to strengthen the controls over the proper use of funds raised to serve the public better.
In his address, the GOH thanked the institution for its unwavering adherence to its founding principles and looked forward to the institution scaling greater heights in its service to the public. During the dinner, the guests were entertained by performances by artistes from House of Music, including a 13-year old solo flautist studying at the School of the Arts, Singapore. Mr Yam made his rounds to toast all the guests at their tables and left a deep impression with his humble and approachable demeanor. The highlight of the dinner was when the newly installed board went on stage to make a toast to all the guests. Moving on, the public will be anticipating more good works from the 117th board of directors.

Arrival of Guest of Honour Mr Alex Yam Ziming, MP for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, at Thong Chai Building



Mr Yam officiating the 117th BOD inauguration ceremony



Board chairman Mr Lim Guan Lee leads the board in reciting the pledge



Board chairman Mr Lim Guan Lee signing the pledge book



Board Honorary Secretary Mr Low Theng Whee signing the pledge book



Board Honorary Treasurer Mr Lim Tiang Chuan signing the pledge book



Guests and members of the institution witnessing the ceremony



Welcome address by board chairman



GOH Mr Alex Yam giving his speech



Performance by House of Music artistes



GOH Mr Alex Yam offers a toast to the guests



The 117th board toasts all guests on stage