Staff, directors, family and friends embarked on a trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on 29/10/2016, led by board chairman Mr Lim Guan Lee. Over the next 3 days, all 111 participants had a thoroughly enjoyable holiday and brought home many fond memories.

We arrived at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh, in 3 different groups on 3 separate flights. The first stop was the Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral and Central Post Office in the city, then the remnants of the Vietnam War, Cu Chi Tunnels in the later part of the day. That night, we were entertained by a water puppets performance.

On the second day, we made our way to Cai Be in the Mekong region. The picturesque sights on the Mekong riverbanks were charming and the ways of the people were simple. Many of us had the opportunity to take a short ride down the river on a rowboat. We also had a close-up look on the production of rice paper, coconut candy and pop-rice. After lunch, the groups visited a traditional house and learned more about Vietnamese music. That night, the three different groups sat down together to a sumptuous buffet dinner at the hotel ballroom. Speeches were made and toasts were proposed; games, songs and prizes created a memorable night for everyone.

On the last day, we visited the War Remnants Museum and gained more understanding about the Vietnam War and how resilient the Vietnamese were as a people. The last stop was a lacquerware workshop which showcased a great variety of exquisite lacquerware. It was a short trip but it has enabled the participants to interact closely and fostered greater unity and a deeper sense of belonging to the institution.

Visit Central Post Office in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City on the first day


Lunch at restaurant specializing in pho


Traditional Vietnamese pho


Tour of remnants of the Vietnam War - Cu Chi Tunnels (1)


Tour of remnants of the Vietnam War - Cu Chi Tunnels (2)

IMG_0864 IMG_0880

World famous water puppet show


Staff trying their hands at manipulating the puppets


Tour of Mekong River on the second day


Taking a slow ride along Mekong River on the rowboats

IMG_7080 IMG_7079

Enjoying the rustic sights on the riverbanks


A close up look at the production of "pop-rice" and other local products

IMG_1151 IMG_1116

Pre-dinner speech by Board Chairman Mr Lim Guan Lee


Staff enjoying the games planned by hotel staff


Toast to Thong Chai by everyone


Group photograph


Tour of the War Remnants Museum on the third day (1)


Tour of the War Remnants Museum on the third day (2)