On 19/6/2016, Venerable Master Chin Kung again visited Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution, this time bearing a gift of “Selections from the Four Branches of Literature” (Si Ku Quan Shu Hui Yao). This is a 500-volume treasury of the embodiment of the essence of traditional Chinese culture and values. Slightly more than a year has passed since his initial visit on 18/3/2015, and the board of directors enthusiastically welcome this kind contribution.

Si Ku Quan Shu Hui Yao


Board chairman Mr Lim Guan Lee and vice chairman Dr Lee Peng Shu browse the collection with Venerable Master Chin Kung


Honorary Secretary Mr Khoo Boo Liat accepts Venerable Master Chin Kung’s gift on behalf of the institution


Mr Lim Guan Lee thanks Venerable Master Chin Kung for his invaluable gift



Venerable Master Chin Kung teaches the audience about the significance of the books after the presentation ceremony