From 1st June to 4th June 2023, a total of 139 directors, physicians, staff, and their family members from Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution went on a joyful family trip to Hoi An and Da Nang, Vietnam, to celebrate the 156th anniversary of the organization. This was the first company trip after a five-year hiatus, and everyone was extremely excited. Early morning on 1st June, everyone gathered at Changi Airport Terminal 4, donning the red company shirt. Despite some minor hiccups with check-ins due to the large number of participants, everyone remained excited for the upcoming trip.

Our first destination was Hoi An Ancient Town, a World Cultural Heritage site designated by UNESCO. It is a well-preserved trading port of the 15th to 19th centuries, with buildings displaying the harmonious blend of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese influences. Following the footsteps of our ancestors, we first visited the Guang Zhao Assembly Hall. It is rumored to be a Chinese assembly hall built by the Guangzhou and Zhaoqing people to unite their fellow countrymen. It enshrines Guan Gong and is believed to bring good luck. After hearing the historical stories, everyone felt a strong sense of familiarity as Chinese in the foreign land.

Continuing our journey, we visited the Japanese Covered Bridge. This bridge of 400-year history is the highlight of Hoi An Ancient Town, and is recognized as a national historical relic. The bridge temple enshrines the protective deity to whom locals pray to for happiness and well-being.

In the evening, we went to a local restaurant to have some authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The fresh ingredients and unique flavors left a deep impression on us. Afterwhich, we returned to Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort for the night, and we were thankful for a good night’s rest after the long but fruitful day.

The next morning, everyone woke up early and enjoyed the beautiful scenery around the hotel. After a hearty breakfast spread, we visited the famous coconut grove and took a thrilling and fun tour on a traditional bamboo boat. We had fresh and delicious seafood for lunch before heading off to the pottery village to admire the unique Vietnamese ceramic artworks. As it was Vesak Day, the river was filled with floating lanterns, and the town was bustling, creating a sharp contrast to the tranquility during the day.

Early on the third day, everyone gathered in the lobby of the resort and set off to the famous landmark, Ba Na Hills. We took the world's longest single-track cable car and enjoyed the magnificent scenery along the way. When we reached the mountain top, everyone was pleasantly amazed by the views before their eyes. The Golden Bridge, also known as the "Bridge of Love", is known for its unique design of the stone hands holding the golden bridge amidst the clouds, giving a dreamy feeling. Standing on the Golden Bridge, visitors are greeted with a mesmerizing view overlooking the entire Ba Na Hills, the surrounding French town, the distant mountains and azure sea. Everyone could not help but to snap many photos, in hope to capture its majesty. With much reluctance, it was time to leave and we headed off to Da Nang. We checked into a seaside hotel, Hainan Beach Danang, and rested before the evening finale.

On the last evening, we held a grand anniversary banquet for all participating. Everyone was dressed up in festive attire. In his opening speech, Chairman Yeo expressed his hope for greater unity among all staff and members, as we all work towards our common goal of providing quality TCM treatment to the public. During the event, Chinese cuisine was accompanied with exciting Vietnamese song and dance performances. Head of the General Affairs Committee Ms. Ng Puay Cheng and Dr. Tan Choy Tip organized a wonderful dance performance. As always, the lucky draw was the highlight of the event, and Chairman Yeo’s daughter had generously sponsored the prizes for this celebration. Everyone had a great night.

During this anniversary family trip, everyone shared many great memories. From sightseeing and local culture immersion to delicious food, everyone enjoyed one another’s company and was glad to be given this chance to bond together. We look forward to more company activities together in the future.

Thong Chai Family Group photo in Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort



Take traditional bamboo basket boat



Thong Chai Family Group photo in Ba Na Hill



Thong Chai directors and physicians in Ba Na Hill



Thong Chai directors and physicians on the Golden Bridge



Toast to Thong Chai by everyone